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It’s easy to make money at B.A.R.!

538 Thain Road ~ Lewiston, Idaho ~ 208-746-4178

                 We accept items Monday through Saturday from 12pm until 3pm ONLY and there is a 2-tote per trip limit.

We are currently accepting SPRING items until April 15th and then will be taking Summer! 

Thank you for being a valued consignor and shopper with us

Here is a general overview of our policies and some tips that will help

you maximize your profit…..

We do not pay cash for any items the day they come in.

All of your items go on the sales floor for a 60 day consignment period. You have the option to have your unsold items returned to you at the end of the 60 days at NO charge!

You receive 40% of the sale price and start accruing money on your account as soon as your items sell.

You can collect cash from your account or use it to shop in the store as soon as you have a balance. You don’t have to wait till the end of the 60 days to collect your money! The amount is the same regardless if you take cash or use store credit.

We have 24 hour online account access for your convenience. On there, you can see a brief description of your items, what they are priced at, what has sold, and what your balance is.

All clothing and footwear are entered into the computer and pricing is determined by our “smart pricing” formula. Baby equipment and toys are priced around 50% of what they sell for brand new.

If you are looking to make fast cash for the most profit, we suggest selling your items yourself. If you’re looking to clean out your closet, make a great profit, and not have to meet up with random people on the “sell-it” sites…we are the place to go! Let us do the work for you!

If you want any unsold items back at the end of your 60 days…no problem! We just need a call 24/48 hours BEFORE your items expire. We will pull them from the floor and you have one week to pick them up.

All items must come in the store “ready to sell”. Clothes need to be freshly laundered, wrinkle-free, and in a solid-sided container. Shoes need to be completely cleaned including soles and laces. Toys need to be wiped down and be in full working order with fresh batteries if needed. Equipment must be completely wiped down, straps and fabric pieces removed and cleaned, and the underside of all equipment wiped down.

Please DO go through your items before bringing them in and make sure they are freshly washed, wrinkle free, stain free, hole free, odor free, hair free and READY TO SELL. We will stop looking through your items if we see a large amount of imperfections.

We donate all unsold items to the St Vincent DePaul Outreach Center in Clarkston. We are always more than happy to donate anything you don’t want to take home with you. If you are wanting to bring in items to donate with imperfections, please bring them in a separate container, do not mix them in with your “ready to sell” items.

What We Don’t Take:

Equipment a baby can sleep in including play pens or any crib bedding sets.

 Used undergarments or socks.

Breast pumps regardless of condition.

Used feeding items.

Formal dresses or scrubs.

It is illegal for any store to sell used car seats.